Im in College \(^0^)/

2014-03-19 14:35:13 by herace

Yup so so excited that im in college now and to be honest i didnt know ill make it this far ^_^; But ill try my best to keep posting new things on my newgrounds account. Also i REALLY need a drawing tablet so i can make these flash games because making traditional animated sprites is a pain -__- so i have to stick with art. Most of my art is posted on my DeviantArt account Siinclaiir because i only post completed coloered art on my newgrounds account. Its that many on my newgrounds account because I sketch more than i color (and plus i suck at coloring :/ ) So yeah, thats about it... Peace


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2014-03-19 16:47:29


herace responds:

thanks your so kind :D