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Inktober Day 1 + 2

2017-10-02 17:20:23 by herace

Not sure if you could post stuff on inktober on newgrounds so ill start posting them on here, plus i havn't post nothing for eons... so yeah happy inktober :D

LOTS OF TIME!!! (ITT Tech closed)

2016-09-07 00:55:52 by herace


Well well well its been a long ass time since ive been posting stuff on Newgroudns and deviant art and i would like to appologize for that because i was too busy with college and all that good stuff but no worries i have LOOOOOTTS Of time~!


Oh dear lord why this crap had to happened too me like fucks sakes , i mean i was planing to finishing my bachelors in software development but looks like i cant do that.

At first i was like:

Yup thats right, No lie but "luckily" i graduated like 2 mouths ago with an associate so ill "just switch" and continue my bachelors at another school......but then i a frightening thought came up....

What if no college will accept any of my credits and my associates degree; that i spent two years being anti-social, is absolutely worthless!


Ahh those two years i put in man i hope it wont be all for nothing, but i heard that there will be a "loan forgiveness" something and i hope there not pulling my leg....

BUT STILL!!! Even though i MIGHT get this "forgiveness" that still TWO WHOLE YEARS of hard work and dedication focusing on my studies and neglecting my hobbies!! Good lord man, i even made DEANS LIST in software development and boy that was hard work!

.....I dont know man its kinda fucked up to take someones hard work and just throw it in the garbage....
GUAAHHHHHH FUUUCKK MAAAN!!! This is Absolute bullshit!
 *sigh* sorry for not being myself its just i need to vent out and you have no idea how disappointed i feel man i feel like not going to college anymore, Hell if thee ITT Tech is closing down then whos next....

*sigh* but you know what this is a huge eye opener for me. I should do stuff that i would absolutely enjoy doing and that is drawing and making small games... For now on im going back to be 100% dedicated to Newgrounds posting more stuff like VNs since i have more time on my hands now. Not saying ill quite school i just needed a break and enjoy the suff i use to do before college.

ActionScript to HTML5

2015-12-22 13:52:15 by herace

heheheh yeah i know its been a minute, lately ive been severely anti-social theses days, shame on me

(^ ~^;)

So yeah ive decided to use HTML5 on most of my games (Or at Least give it a shot). The reason being is because im pretty much an idiot when it comes to ActionScript in general also im not that knowledgably in ActionScript. SOOO~ i will give HTML5 a try since im really good at HTML and JavaScript as a small lad plus i have actual "professional" experience with it so yeah why not XD.


Sorry not making shit this year because i was going though "stuff" and all that weak sauceness BUT im over it. So yeah.


What ive been up to?

Well i re-open the vn flash project "THE WEST WING: Night 1" i did with beowolf666 and translate the code from ActionScript to HTML5 / JavaScript and man capered making it in HTML5 it took WAAAAAYYY~ less time when i was using ActionScript XD. Not saying HTML5 is better then ActionScript its just im very familiar with the language. Some good things about HTML5 on different systems, for example when me and beowolf was working on the vn and every time he tested the vn there’s some characters are cut off but on my end it was perfectly fine and this happened back to back. Long story short its the fact my os was GNU/Linux and his of course was a Windows.  Some bad thins about it is that I need to learn how to use the Newgrounds HTML5 API. So yeah.... well anyways the vn engine im making in html5 is going great so far! Once i finished with that i can push stories back to back on NG and stuff XD.

Well lets see how this goes…

10TR!LL!ON Percent%

TWW Sketches

2015-04-15 19:41:18 by herace

Just starting to make some sketches for the the West Wing series. Me and Beowolf666 getting ready making part 2.




2015-04-01 01:22:49 by herace

what the FUU---OH LOL!!!! Oh my gosh tom you almost had me, my fucking heart almost stoped  (>o<)/

Anime 4 PSP contest

2015-01-27 18:36:52 by herace


Oh wow i actually won this contest on http://anime4psp.org/ ;u;

Thank you ibanezs470dx , Stupidflys, No1sy B0y, Gamesmasta, Flyer and Krystallus

I shall enjoy my new steam games, Huzahhh (*_*)/

Yeah lol been a while ^_^J

2014-07-20 16:39:13 by herace

Yeah i know i didnt post nothing since the past *chiecking* damn 3 mouths, sorry im lame like that somtimes Well i was working on some flash game and college is keeping me busy. Well i uploaded another game cosplay dressup 2. Jus made because i didnt made anything this year so yeah hope you guys enjoy it :). A LOT of things happen the past 3 mouths i would explain it all but right now im feeling very tired at the moment so check my deviantart profile "Siinclaiir". hmmmmm what else should i say.....

Oh yeah now im working on another flash project! its not a game but a visual novel. It will be awesome dude.

Again sorry for my lamness dude :S and see you guys later ^_^ 

YES OMG ive been waiting for EONS for this drawing tablet Like oh my gosh dude you have NO IDEA what the crap i have to put up like seriously   . 

Yeah when i first made my order on the drawing tablet i bought mines from ebay and i waited like 2 weeks for this tablet. When i got my order i open the box not only it was the WRONG Model it was broken too *^*  
so i made an complaint and it took them a week to respond back and long story short i returned it and got my money back. I got my refund 3 days later from the day it was issued. When i got my refund back i was SO frustrated that i just wasted like a week just being...um...frustrated

After i got a hold of myself i finally made a another order on amazon like last Thursday I waited and waited until today the delivery man came in...I open the package... ...and there it was...it was so beautiful *sniff*  . "I ABOUT TIME OH MY GOODNESS"   i yelled out. In total i believe i waited like 1 month and 1 week for that damn drawing tablet -__-;    but my patience has paid off indeed *nods*

WHats this MEAN you say!!?!?!?!?! well i glad you ask:

Become a digital artist (about time)
And be Awesome

SO yeah im looking forward for more upcoming art games and stuff like that. And as always thanks for reading XD

Im in College \(^0^)/

2014-03-19 14:35:13 by herace

Yup so so excited that im in college now and to be honest i didnt know ill make it this far ^_^; But ill try my best to keep posting new things on my newgrounds account. Also i REALLY need a drawing tablet so i can make these flash games because making traditional animated sprites is a pain -__- so i have to stick with art. Most of my art is posted on my DeviantArt account Siinclaiir because i only post completed coloered art on my newgrounds account. Its that many on my newgrounds account because I sketch more than i color (and plus i suck at coloring :/ ) So yeah, thats about it... Peace

Sorry let me explain...

2014-01-22 19:56:36 by herace

Sorry for not posting nothing for a long while. unfurtanatly i dont have internet access at the moment so please dont think im lazy or somthing ^_^; ill make a post when i have that good stuff so yeah... sorry >_<